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Norman Haga Criminal

I am Norman Haga Criminal. I had an incident in which the police arrested me and charges were never filed.

I am Norman Haga Criminal and I am a friend of Tres Hopp.  Like Norman Haga Burglar and John James 19571, I had an incident in which the police arrested me.  Charges were never filed, even though the police mistakenly arrested me.  The online mugshot industry never the less obtained my booking photograph from the police booking website.  Unlike the police booking website, the online mugshot industry will not remove my photograph unless I pay them an outrageous fee.  Researching the problem, I find that even if I were to pay the fee my booking photograph would soon appear on other websites to begin the extortion again.  While researching the problem, I discovered Norman Haga Burglar website.  I contacted Norman Haga Burglar and he informed me that his opinion is that the online mugshot industry operates as a scheme of extortion in violation of many state and federal laws.

Norman Haga Burglar also advised me to use to begin cotrolling the results that people see when they Google my name; that information that I control is far better than information that other control.

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